Job updates stuff

The last few months I was taking time off to explore what I really wanted to do. I ultimately decided that my passion lay in game dev and with the rise of consumer VR it looks more compelling than ever. As I’ve just run out of savings and I’m starting to dig into credit, I’m now in the process of seeking out job opportunities now in the VR space. I’m focused at the moment on temporary positions like contracts and internships as I don’t want to yet get wrapped up in a committed full-time position. I updated my LinkedIn, did a post on /r/OculusJobs on reddit, completed the Unity Roll a Ball tutorial (see online demo!), and got advice from some friends on some ways to market myself.

I still have a lot to do! I need to build my online portfolio, get my work with the light field compression stuff online, build out a website and get my resume and stuff on it, make progress on my Mobile VR Jam entry, so much to do!

My completed Roll a Ball tutorial, deployed using Unity 5’s new WebGL support! Gonna adapt this to a VR version too.


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