Development notes

VR Jams!

I’m participating in two VR jams now! That’s literally 100% more VR jams than yesterday.

In collaboration with the Metatron VR folks (especially Nate Eight), I’m working on a Mobile VR Jam entry for Gear VR called VirtuaReader which will be a speed reading app similar to Spritz or Spreeder that exploits VR to provide additional document context in your peripheral vision and a simple UI based on head tracking. We submitted the 500-word pitch last night.

I’m also officially planning to attend the room-scale VR Jam for HTC Vive where I’ll get both my first room-scale VR dev experience and my first experience with the Vive! Owlchemy Labs (developers of AaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome) set this up and they are obviously every bit as awesome as their game.


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