What, a blog? That can’t be right!

I’m a software developer by training, but so far have been spending most of time in the virtual reality space in reading/learning and evangelism, like my YouTube channel, which currently has about 300 videos and 9000 subscribers. While I think evangelism is fun and important, I’m now starting to get more seriously into VR software development and game dev in general, a passion that started when I was a child and which I then proceeded to ignore for like 15 years (oops). The folks on the top secret Skype group for VR developers (which may or may not exist) suggested I create a development blog where I could document such trivialities as my learning experience, my daily trials, and illustrated articles on VR such as thought pieces and guides. As I’m a fan of brevity and posting on a whim, don’t be surprised to see enormous variation in the length of my posts. Without any further ado, let’s get posting!


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