Development notes

VR Speed Reader Milestone 5

In this milestone I doubled distance to the page, and simultaneously cranked up the Native Texture Scale (which scales the render target) from 1 to 1.5, allowing the text to remain clear and readable, without hurting the frame rate (at scale=2 the frame rate dropped substantially).

Cropped screenshot at 100% scale. Increasing render target size improved quality markedly, while increased distance increased the amount of text on screen and decreased vection.

I also changed the background color to match the page, avoiding distracting page edges near the beginning/end of the text: the text now has neither pages nor lines. I modified the time per word so that it is proportional to the width of the word. This results in a more consistent speed of motion at all times and seems to enable me to read at higher speeds, but it is a bit odd at first as it seems to “freeze” momentarily on long words. There might be some better way to do this. I also added some instructions at the beginning of the task, and made some small fixes (touchpad does not rotate the view, and red/green glow follows the user’s head pitch/roll correctly).

Because there are a few other reader entries in the Jam I’m considering a name change. Here are a few random ones I was thinking about:

  • Wall of Text: Since you’re literally looking at a giant wall covered in text – also a pun on the slang term, but it’s already a web software
  • TubeReader: Since the text is conceptually wrapped around the inside of a cylinder or tube. Might be confused with “tube” as in “television” though.
  • Readscape or Textscape: Since it’s like a textual landscape. Except vertically oriented. These names appear to be in use; “ReadScape” is a company and “TextScape” is in use by a small App Store app.
  • Let me know your ideas! Maybe something related to speed reading?

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