Reusable code

Unity 5.x package: fade screen in/out

This is a little tiny package I whipped up for a friend who wanted to be able to fade the screen to black and then fade back in in a Unity 5.x application (this is particularly useful in VR since tracking issues are invisible when the screen is faded).

Download: Mirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

Usage: Create an empty game object, assign the ScreenFader script to it, and adjust the parameters. Leave “Fade in” checked. At runtime, when you toggle the “Fade in” parameter, it will either fade out (when disabling it) or fade in (when enabling it). It can be toggled from scripts, from Playmaker, or via the editor.

It has no resource overhead when the view is faded in, and supports VR and multiple cameras. Note the scene will still be rendered even when faded out (might optimize this later).

The script is partially based on the OVRScreenFade class, but is otherwise released under Unlicense which imposes no requirements whatsoever. Let me know if you encounter any trouble with it or have any questions!


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